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Wood types and color stains

If you purchase a real wood product from us in an unfinished state, it should be finished within 5-7 days of receipt, as it is susceptible to weathering and moisture. Our real wood products are manufactured to the highest standards, but the longer they are left unfinished, the higher the risk of deformation or cracks. Since wood is a natural product, it can expand or contract depending on the environment and its conditions. This also applies to already finished real wood products and is therefore not a product defect but a natural characteristic of real wood. Our real wood products are finished with high quality paints and coatings, but this does not mean that cracks or deformations cannot occur. Therefore, we do not take responsibility for cracks or deformations of real wood products in finished or unfinished condition that are not claimed within 3 days after delivery. Please also note that the grain of our real wood products cannot be influenced and therefore each product looks different because the grain is a naturally grown pattern.

All our wood doors are available in the following wood types and colors stains.

Wood Types
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Tropical Oak Mahogany Af. Mahogany Fiji Mahogany Brazilian Oak NZ-Oak


7 8 9 10 11 12
Af. Cedar Cedar Cedrorana Cumura American Ash Hickory


13 14 15 16 17 18
Andiroba Angelin Ipe Iroko Jatoba Jequitiba


19 20 21 22 23 24
Marupa Okume Sabina Sapelli Ph. Sapelli Sucupira


25 26 27 transparent transparent transparent
Teka Walnut White Maple


Color Stains
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Walnut Wenge Mahogany Red Honey Hazelnut Cherry