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Hinged Glass Door Frosted with Clear Lines Design 24"x84" Inch Ø 3/8 + Hardware

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  Description & Specifications:   Opening direction: Left... more
Product information "Hinged Glass Door Frosted with Clear Lines Design 24"x84" Inch Ø 3/8 + Hardware"


Description & Specifications:

Opening direction: Left
Door Handle: right
Door dimensions (Slab): 24"x84" Inches



Interior Glass Door with Door Hinge and Handles Lock Set


Complete with the glass and necessary hardware, our bespoke glass doors are an easy way to install a glass door into a standard Wood doorway.


There is even no need to remove or replace your existing frame.


The hinges and handles work in a similar way to those on a timber door. The hinges are fixed into the frame rebate in the same position as they would be for an ordinary wooden door, and the latch/lock comes with a strike plate/keep that is the same as the type used for a timber door. Handles are also the same, but do not need the rose/plate at the back. We can offer a range of handles for our glass doors that can match the other doors in you home.


Hinges for Glass Doors


Our hinges ensure that your glass door will fit into a standard type timber frame.


these doors are perfectly adaptable to the previous frame of your door in case you want to keep it you can simply remove the door and the hinges of the frame, together with the glass door come included both the movable hinges as well as the door lock, you can request measures special so that it fits perfectly in the space that already has predisposed for these purposes.


On request we also supply the matching solid wood door frame (with or without door jamps). We can offer you the following solid wood types: pine, oak, mahogany and most standard tropical woods. Please contact us for a quote or if you have any further questions.


Our elegant supply of Toughened / tempered glass Doors which is the type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and the inner surfaces into tension. Such stresses cause the glass, when broken, to crumble into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards as plate glass (a.k.a. annealed glass) creates. The granular chunks are less likely to cause injury.


Our glass sliding door with sliding system and handle bars are made of high-quality stainless steel. The glass sliding door leaf is made for you after you place an order and is not a product from the storage rack.  For this reason, we ask for your understanding of the processing time. Once you have received this highly refined glass sliding door and installed it, you will see that your patience has paid off.  Simply a view for any room.




  • Model Glass Door: HGD-H+H-0024
  • Model Hinges & Door Locks: New-Orleans
  • Easy construction
  • Suitable for installation with existing door frame. 
  • Ideal for wet rooms (Office, Bathroom, Toilets or SPA area)
  • Tempered safety glass
  • With Hinge and Lock
  • Longevity
  • Scratch-proof
  • High quality / Sandblasted / Frosted Design
  • Drilled holes are provided in the doors
  • Glass Door Version: Semi-Privacy or Optional Privacy (Opaque) +$30
  • Optional: Customer Made / Size + $100.00 additional
  • Glass Thickness: 10 mm 3/8" 





1x Door leave in selected size

2x Stainless Steel Glass Door Hinges 


1x Stainless Steel Glass Door Lock Handel-Set (Optional: Glass Door Lock Lockable) +$30


24"x84" Inches   $1080 (regular price)


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