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Glass Door fitting set for Interior Glass Doors

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  • SW11446
  Hinges Hardware for Glass Doors 1 set of hardware chrome matte for all our... more
Product information "Glass Door fitting set for Interior Glass Doors"


Hinges Hardware for Glass Doors

1 set of hardware chrome matte for all our glass door


1 handle set
2 door hinges depending on selection (see above)
2 hinge model


High quality materials
No aluminium sheet metal, no anodized surfaces that pick up
Nickel-plated closing wedge
High-quality lock mechanism
Position springs for exact and backlash-free grip position
Exact and inconspicuous welding seams
Modern designs


Studio / Studio (2-piece tapes)


The holes for the hinges and the handle are prefabricated horizontally on the door leaf.


Studio / Junior (3-part hinges) Hinges and housing


The holes for the hinges are prefabricated vertically on the door leaf. The holes for the fittings are made horizontally, as with the 2-part hinges.

Types Of Hinges: Chrome matte
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